Tau vs Tyranid Warhammer 40k Battle Report – Beat Matt Batrep Ep 29

0 Tau vs Tyranid Warhammer 40k Battle Report   Beat Matt Batrep Ep 29To watch the Eldar vs Tyranids Battle Report, go here:

Spencer brings his new Tau to battle against Matthew’s old Tyranids. Which codex will win?

Duration : 0:34:15

22 Responses to “Tau vs Tyranid Warhammer 40k Battle Report – Beat Matt Batrep Ep 29”

  1. FerrisAirsoft says:

    What caused you to …
    What caused you to have a squad of Termagaunts a different color scheme.

  2. Marth667 says:

    This is the few …
    This is the few times i wanted to nids to win, also the big yellow dice is a good idea, helps people know what you guys need to win?lose your rolls

  3. TheDevourerOfPancake says:

    watch someone play …
    watch someone play orks

  4. TheDevourerOfPancake says:


  5. Stephen Henry says:

    This is a technical …
    This is a technical tau question. For the Commander when it says may take up to four upgrades from the ranged weapon and/or support systems. Does that mean up to four from each or four in total. Ex: Tau Commander is upgraded with a twin-linked burst cannon, a plasma rifle, a stimulant injector, and a shield generator (thus having five upgrades, and being able to take one more from the ranged weapons, and two more from the support systems). I’m guessing it means four in total, but I’m not sure.

  6. m0ng0b0t says:

    You did a big …
    You did a big mistake at ~17:10. the tervagon allready lost one point by shoots from the FW (~9:30) you lost the dice… so the tervagon wouldn’t have crushed the o’shovas guard later on… he would have went in cc with one hitpoint instead of two… an would have been dead :D

  7. fggtmnkyz says:

    does it bother …
    does it bother anyone else that the yellow dice keeps changing every time they roll to hit and to wound?

  8. vatthausen says:

    matt i love you, …
    matt i love you, sell me your nids :)

  9. superbroly2007 says:

    Lol for real dude
    Lol for real dude

  10. superbroly2007 says:

    Jet Pack move dude …
    Jet Pack move dude. Its 2D6

  11. CastellanZargo says:

    You played the …
    You played the Biovores incorrectly; Barrage doesn’t ignore Area Terrain cover saves.

  12. thedungeondelver says:

    I’d have said GG at …
    I’d have said GG at 28 mins. or so as the tau player.

  13. Radd X says:

    eldar striking …
    eldar striking scorpion

  14. guessMeNotTruely says:

    @rtzsbmp yeah man i …
    @rtzsbmp yeah man i know what you mean and dude! i think you would enjoy this game have a look –>

  15. Nithin Calicut says:

    @xnkohpb i agree …
    @xnkohpb i agree one of my top 10 also! dude i think you would enjoy this game have a look >>

  16. Hfgg says:

    first time watching …
    first time watching this game mother of god how many dice do you use in this game?

  17. pickyou223 says:

    These things are …
    These things are so expensive ._.

  18. bigswedenman29 says:

    how are the tau …
    how are the tau crisis suits moving 12 inches in the assault phase in 6th edition?

  19. Carter Gates says:

    Penny for all of …
    Penny for all of your thoughts; which is better an eldar striking scorpion or a genstealer?

  20. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa says:

    My apologies, youre …
    My apologies, youre right about that Instant Death.
    However, Smash entry in special rules section: “All of the close combat aftacks, except
    Hammer of Wrath Attacks, of a model
    with this special rule are resolved at AP 2
    (unless it’s attacking with an AP I weapon).” Pg. 42 BrB

  21. Ismashyofacein says:

    I saw the …
    I saw the impossible today. Tau succeeding in close range combat 0_o.

  22. slorch82 says:

    what tau wining in …
    what tau wining in close combat?

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