Chaos Vs Orks Warhammer 40k Battle Report – Banter Batrep Ep 2 – Part 1/6

0 Chaos Vs Orks Warhammer 40k Battle Report   Banter Batrep Ep 2   Part 1/6Watch part 2 here:

Dave battle Dan in disputably the best banter batrep ever created rivalling Dave’s battles with Joe. Strap on for a wild ride of hilarity and randomness that shocks even the toughest war gamers.

Duration : 0:13:11

24 Responses to “Chaos Vs Orks Warhammer 40k Battle Report – Banter Batrep Ep 2 – Part 1/6”

  1. Truth118 says:

    *A Wild Dan …

    *A Wild Dan Appears!*

  2. aaaaaaaaaallllgood says:

    how the fck did i …
    how the fck did i get here, this the nerdiest thing on youtube

  3. 666insatanwetrust says:

    i love it all the …
    i love it all the way.

  4. Ronald Lanzas says:

    and worth noting, …
    and worth noting, the style before the shift was pretty nice. It was cool seeing a close in view. Especially on the crossing guard cultist.

  5. Ronald Lanzas says:

    the bickering is …
    the bickering is hilarious

  6. ThoseCrazyMorons says:

    the new style …
    the new style brings glory to chaos

  7. D3V4ST3T0R says:

    This new style is …
    This new style is awesome o.o dave vs dan ftw
    Deffy go boom boom!

  8. WarbossGoreGutz says:

    9:56 WOOH …

    Never try to out tell and ork player! WAAAGH!

  9. quadcannon says:

    “Don’t you mean ‘ …
    “Don’t you mean ‘implacable’ old boy?” 00:35

  10. legobananamidget says:

    8:11 seconds lol
    8:11 seconds lol

  11. legobananamidget says:

    Why no love for …
    Why no love for the hel drake

  12. Nick Dingman says:

    I prefer they …
    I prefer they regular banter style, but the banner is cool.

  13. Painger1 says:

    Wow Dan is a …
    Wow Dan is a stereotypical racist…

  14. r0b0t89 says:

    Who won?
    Who won?

  15. andrew tarplee says:

    i like how u have …
    i like how u have modernized the videos now it is alot easier to understand

  16. Brent Mac Donald says:

    I love the way …
    I love the way you’re showing the movement in this vid; blur out & back in instead of showing your hands. Great idea, great batreps guys!

  17. theeaterofpie says:

    most entertaining …
    most entertaining battle reports on the net

  18. frankwestjr says:

    new intro works …
    new intro works very well dave. More like that with the whole set-up and voice over stuff.

  19. Michael Edwards says:

    I really liked the …
    I really liked the way you faded in the moves of the troops :)

  20. shogunja8 says:

    were is matt
    were is matt

  21. Wallanian says:

    Throw in a few …
    Throw in a few bitch-slaps just for the dramatic effect.
    Anyway I like the “new” style of banter batrep.

  22. monsterjo29 says:

    One dau subtitles …
    One dau subtitles on french for your looker’s

  23. wtflol140 says:

    Why dont u make …
    Why dont u make more ask a wargamer

  24. Norpan83 says:

    i think we need to …
    i think we need to see a full round with combat in order to give accurate ciriticsim of them video style

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