Vaults of Terra – (Space Marine) Organisation – Roles and Ranks

0 Vaults of Terra   (Space Marine) Organisation   Roles and RanksVaults of Terra returns with a video explaining the Roles and Ranks of a codex space marine chapter.

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25 Responses to “Vaults of Terra – (Space Marine) Organisation – Roles and Ranks”

  1. king bear says:


  2. mjb7204 says:


  3. Malevolent Shadow says:

    The fact he’s on …
    The fact he’s on life support means he can’t be used in deciding the oldest living Space Marine and the same goes for Warp travel fuckery.

  4. Malevolent Shadow says:

    Warp travel.
    Warp travel.

  5. Malevolent Shadow says:

    They’re not Space …
    They’re not Space Marines their Primarchs which are different. Also you forgot Jaghatai Khan and Roboute Guilleman can’t be alive just a crap hope made up by pilgrims.

  6. WulfsGame s says:

    Do not forget Ulrik …
    Do not forget Ulrik the Slayer. He is ancient aswell.
    And dreadnought or not, i still think that Bjorn is a Space Marine. Thus in my book, the oldest.

  7. wackadoodles100 says:

    can you comment on …
    can you comment on the “Skull bearers” please :)

  8. MadrufF says:

    Emperors Fist
    Emperors Fist

  9. Stephen Henry says:

    I’d think Vulcan, …
    I’d think Vulcan, Corax, Leman Russ (maybe), and possibly Route Guilliman (depending on weather or not you’d believe he’s slowly regenerating or not) would be the oldest “living” space marines. Well actually then I guess the Emperor would be the first and he’s still bearly alive.

  10. DuskAstartes says:

    High Marshal …
    High Marshal Ludoldus Black Templars served in Vinculus Crusade (833.M41) and in the Jerulas Crusade (645.M39) separated by two thousand years

  11. MegaSteakburger says:

    Space wolves are …
    Space wolves are different…Lol 12 chapters and different numbers for each chapter.

  12. Malevolent Shadow says:

    Technically that’s …
    Technically that’s correct but seeing as he’s in a Dreadnought spending most of his time asleep in a life support machine getting at Iron Priests he doesn’t count towards oldest Space Marine. 

  13. kouron says:

    wouldn’t that be …
    wouldn’t that be Bjorn the Fell-Handed?

  14. Malevolent Shadow says:

    ” Dante is the …
    ” Dante is the oldest living Space Marine in the Imperium”

  15. kouron says:

    Dante is not even …
    Dante is not even the oldest marine in the BA chapter, look up veteran sergeant Cleutin. He was the sergeant of the scout squad Dante was in.

  16. ContemptDisgustHate says:

    Company Champion …
    Company Champion accompanies a command squad which in turn accompanies a Captain. They do not have a specific role and are actually not even categorized into the force organization. So perhaps that is why they weren’t not mentioned.

  17. ContemptDisgustHate says:

    Sometimes a …
    Sometimes a neophyte is driven insane or their mental status is not up to par with others so instead of becoming a serf etc. they are placed in a suicide group and run missions with 0% survivability. Not sure where I read that or if it only applies to a specific chapter.

  18. lamogio047 says:

    he means dark …
    he means dark angels and they are the first legion, but he seems to lack even basic knowledge,making him a retard, since he doesnt even use proper grammar

  19. Mateo David Gutierrez Gonzalez says:


  20. Josh Spaulding says:

    Do Crimson Fists!
    Do Crimson Fists!

  21. Silverized84 says:

    similar to the …
    similar to the roman empire army

  22. gundampheonix says:

    i believe he meant …
    i believe he meant dark angels

  23. DayInDaLife says:

    wow, this is …
    wow, this is awesome.. do you do vids for the other races? I would love to adsorb some 40K lore on more than just space marines… still this is a great vid.. subbed and checking your past uploads now!

  24. Colin Ford says:

    mmm could you do …
    mmm could you do blood ravens
    also can you menchon the two lefons deleted from imperal history

  25. QuantumCEM says:

    It’s some …
    It’s some fanfiction title, not a chapter/company name.

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