How to paint Angels Sanguine Space Marine by Lester Bursley

0 How to paint Angels Sanguine Space Marine by Lester BursleyBuy a Space Marine Tactical Squad and try it out! link

How to paint Angels Sanguine Space Marines.
Why so many SM tutorials? Here’s the original thread for Les’ SM Project.

This is a regular AoBR Space marine donated by BIG PETE of

The base is produced by and is the 25mm Concrete Massacre Base.

Duration : 0:16:29

25 Responses to “How to paint Angels Sanguine Space Marine by Lester Bursley”

  1. Jeremy M says:

    Do you have a …
    Do you have a tutorial on how to make the rock bases?

  2. C6H12FO2P says:

    He’s using a micron …
    He’s using a micron pen. You can get them off ebay for a couple bucks. 

  3. 84paratrooper says:

    what are the pens …
    what are the pens your using to split the black and red?

  4. Pierfabio Chesini says:

    What’s the name of …
    What’s the name of the gadjet that you use to divide red side from black one?

  5. MrExtremeGamer11 says:

    what brushes do …
    what brushes do you use

  6. ukebrucelee says:

    This is one of my …
    This is one of my favorite chapters of space marines, so thank you for doing a great tutorial on painting them.

  7. righthandovdoom says:

    Man…watching …
    Man…watching your videos made me break out my airbrush. Looks like somebody is buying new needles tomorrow…

  8. MultiLegocreator says:

    can i get theese …
    can i get theese figures at a store in particular?

  9. Bruce Wayne says:

    can you please …
    can you please explain to me how is it you use air brush? do you attach the GW paint pot to the spray gun or do you add some of it? does it waste too much paint compared to the normal pencil? ty!

  10. sylburn01 says:

    Hi just have to ask …
    Hi just have to ask what airbrush do yo recommend Ive been thinking of using one but Ive never it used them before so is there a particular place you recommend.

    Regards ,

  11. quaid2012 says:

    will you do storm …
    will you do storm giants?

  12. Banguinius says:

    Did you use a decal …
    Did you use a decal setting solution?

  13. awesomepaintjob says:

    Nothing on the swab …
    Nothing on the swab, just going over to soak up extra solution, water etc.

  14. Banguinius says:

    Question–what was …
    Question–what was the solution that you applied to the decal after drying it w/ the cotton swab? Was it more of the Micro-Set? Thanks, and awesome job!

  15. a7776nice says:

    what size sakura …
    what size sakura micron pen

  16. ultimatepyro43 says:


  17. TheHarcipoter says:

    negro and black are …
    negro and black are the same word but in different langaujes.
    Negro is black in spanish

  18. KrMaHo says:

    the only comment i …
    the only comment i have to this is that blood angels dont have markings on what they are but on their kneepads… on the right shoulderpad they have a blood drop to symbollise what company they belong to
    other than that, beautiful mini!

  19. KrMaHo says:

    nah, not really…

    nah, not really…
    i know alot of guys who has been painting for years andnever touched an airbrush in their whole life ;)
    But if you like what the airbrush do Id recommend one ^^

  20. frustrationgamer says:

    you do realise that …
    you do realise that when you get an ad he gets paid right?

  21. DanSoldHisSoul says:

    Fair enough
    Fair enough

  22. awesomepaintjob says:

    It’s a transparent …
    It’s a transparent decal. You wouldn’t see it over black.

  23. DanSoldHisSoul says:

    Why didn’t you …
    Why didn’t you apply the decal onto a black basecoat on the shoulder pad?

  24. WilliamH157 says:

    The precision and …
    The precision and the rubber gloves… remind me of the dentist. Except I’m enjoying myself.

  25. dreadpaad says:


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