Vaults of Terra – (Space Marine) Organisation – Roles and Ranks

0 Vaults of Terra   (Space Marine) Organisation   Roles and RanksVaults of Terra returns with a video explaining the Roles and Ranks of a codex space marine chapter.

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Daniel Yount – Dark Times

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Warhammer 40K Army List Building

0 Warhammer 40K Army List Building

Duration : 0:22:18

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of lizard men in warhammer?

I am getting into warhammer and I really want to go with lizardmen so I want to know if they are a good army to go with, and I want to know there advantages and disadvantages.

Lizardmen are, and always have been, a great army. Their troops are varied and interesting, their color scheme is pretty wide open, their tactics scale nicely depending on your skill.

Advantages include: the second-hardest basic troops in the game (only Chaos Warriors are better, and they cost a lot more), the best spellcasters in the game (seriously, Slann are awesome), cheap poisonous troops (skinks), the Cold Blooded rule (they won’t run away much), and of course- Dinosaurs! Lizardmen have a great list of monsters available.

Disadvantages: very little archery to speak of (pretty short ranged), no real fast cavalry, no actual war machines (some of the monsters pretend), and your basic Saurus has an initiative of 1, so he’s pretty much always going last.

Welcome to Warhammer Fantasy, and good luck!

who are better- wh40k space marines, halo Spartans, or star wars storm troopers?

I think it is space marines, but people keep saying storm troopers, even though space marines and Spartans are superhuman and have better armor. What do YOU think?

Individually, Space Marines. They are bigger, stronger, better armed and armored.
As a fighting force, the Storm Troopers may have a chance (there are a lot of them), but their inferior tech is going to hold them back. Despite some sweet walkers, they simply don’t have an answer for the brutality of the Space Marine armory.
Spartans are pretty much in the middle tech-wise, though they do get props for the energy shield being standard issue. The big problem they face is limited numbers. There are very few Spartans and only one Master Chief, who is far and away the most accomplished of them.

In warhammer 40k tabletop, how do i go about figuring out which psyhic powers my tyranids have?

I have recently got into the table top game warhammer 40k and am using a tyranid army. i have little to no clue about using psychic powers at all. i understand how to check to see if i can use pyschic powers but i do not understand how to choose which psychic powers i get. i have seen many videos on the internet of games which they roll? for powers but i do not know what i roll from if i even need to. are these taken from my codex?? i really have no clue about the subject. if possible i would like a basic run down of how i choose my powers on say my swarmlord

Tyranids choose their psychic powers as part of their army build. You have to pay for them individually. Or, you do have the option of using the basic disciplines from the main rulebook, swapping them on a one-for-one basis. In other words, if you want three powers, buy three powers. The basic disciplines from the main book (and all others since then) are rolled randomly.
Swapping out powers can be a bit complex for new players, and isn’t really worth the hassle. The stock psychic powers for Tyranids are pretty darn good, and you know exactly what you will have, so you can count on it.
I think most of the details for this are covered in the current FAQ on GW’s website, if you want to know more.

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