$12 miniatures carrying case! Better than games workshops!

0 $12 miniatures carrying case! Better than games workshops!An item some are aware of but I would like to share such information just in CASE! get it?!?!?1 hoo hoh hoh hohohohohoooooooooooo……………….

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25 Responses to “$12 miniatures carrying case! Better than games workshops!”

  1. GamzaTheEternal says:

    Fear…SO …
    Fear…SO EXHILARATING!…despair…so delicious… 

  2. GamzaTheEternal says:

    the case is …
    the case is illegal? ;’( can’t even get one off amazon?

  3. GamzaTheEternal says:

    you might be able …
    you might be able to grab one off Amazon!

  4. IDICBeer says:

    Nice share and …
    Nice share and interesting to see the comments about the UK cases people are using :D

  5. GamzaTheEternal says:

    sounds like another …
    sounds like another good solution! you can get these cases off Amazon too!

  6. GamzaTheEternal says:

    its funny how a …
    its funny how a dumb sheet of foam and a plastic box somehow works its way up so high when it comes to miniatures….

  7. GamzaTheEternal says:

    Try Amazon!
    Try Amazon!

  8. GamzaTheEternal says:

    hehe heck for the …
    hehe heck for the price 2 doesn’t seem so bad

  9. 1cme1 says:

    1) good idea to …
    1) good idea to have insurance for the things you own.

    2) don’t leave things of value in your car, especially not where they can be seen.

  10. Da40kOrks says:

    The problem with …
    The problem with gun cases is that they are good targets for thieves..thinking that there are guns in them. I’ve heard more then a couple stories of having a gun case full of mini’s stolen out of a car to be found in a nearby trashcan once opened and no guns inside.

  11. GamzaTheEternal says:

    lol sadly yes. the …
    lol sadly yes. the prices make my face turn inside out

  12. GamzaTheEternal says:

    glad we agree :) 
    glad we agree :) 

  13. GamzaTheEternal says:

    Ah excellent! …
    Ah excellent! That’s where Shawna is from. She seen your comment and said “oh yeah that’s Michigan alright”

  14. GamzaTheEternal says:

    You can prob fit 1 …
    You can prob fit 1 since that thing is so huge ;’(

  15. GamzaTheEternal says:

    Yeah. they sell out …
    Yeah. they sell out pretty fast where I live so when ever i see them I get a case.

  16. zemerald says:

    drille case,*
    drille case,*

  17. zemerald says:

    For the guys asking …
    For the guys asking about cases in england, I use a drill, case similar size and weight
    Some come with foam others you have to buy it but most art/creativbe shops will sell foam and its usually cheap.

  18. Alanduin1 says:

    very nice! I’ve …
    very nice! I’ve been meaning to buy some foam for my miniatures but it’s too expensive, this might just be a good alternative.

  19. Moschkoppter says:

    buy firearms boxes …
    buy firearms boxes at supermarket??? not in europe luuul2000!!!!

  20. 77plugser says:

    well i know what …
    well i know what i’m getting my next trip to buffalo

  21. makooma says:



  22. MrPeahc says:

    Too bad anything …
    Too bad anything like this is illegal in The muslim caliphate of Sweden

  23. royalkingofgames says:

    no guns in england …
    no guns in england,what would you reccomend

  24. falknerblitz says:

    Nice find…and …
    Nice find…and everything is better than the GW lunch box…

  25. Jriv193 says:

    Wow that is an …
    Wow that is an awesome case, with an awesome price.

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