Win a Warhammer 40k Space Marines army!

0 Win a Warhammer 40k Space Marines army!Win a Storm Wardens army! Check out this post for details.

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  1. mm dehart says:

    any …

    any chance i could put a link or somthing like that of this on a few 40k gaming sites?

  2. Vampified says:

    Yeah this certainly …
    Yeah this certainly will get a greater quantity of donations but there are certainly some GW nuts out there who would pay an arm and a leg for a Jawaballs army! You’re ‘famous’ enough within the community for it to be a sort of collectors thing :) although this is much nicer as its more of a participation event, I for one am looking forward to the draw! But I think the gamble of the event caps the amount of money people are prepared to put in unless they support the charity already.

  3. jawaballs says:


  4. Kumite0071 says:

    Jawaballs! I need …
    Jawaballs! I need your advice…i recently bought Assault on Black Reach and a Space Marine Codex…now ive got all of these Orcs(+1ork bike and 1 ork trukk i won at a GW tournament last week)…Im looking for a way to increase my SM army.Since ive moved to take care of my mother,im completely broke.Is there ANY way i can get more SM stuff without paying GW prices??? Ive got Orks to trade…but its hard enough to find 40k players at all, let alone ones that have spares to trade. Please help!

  5. jawaballs says:

    Link up the post on …
    Link up the post on my blog that announces it. Good idea!

  6. jawaballs says:

    Doubtful. A few …
    Doubtful. A few guys will bid a lot, but most will not bother. I think as a whole we will make much more than any one person is willing to pay.

  7. darknoobpk says:

    comment 4 yay go …
    comment 4 yay go mah! go mah!

  8. AutarchAndrew says:

    Its really nice to …
    Its really nice to see you painting something different other than blood angels seeing blue marines is rather refreshing .great work :) I may pop in the broadcast sometime I am playtesting all this week with some friends.also Chris I will not be attending the Battle for Salvation tournament next week due to some things that have come up at the last minute.

  9. dprev030 says:

    How much money has …
    How much money has been raised so far? This is such a great idea!

  10. CharlieSwabb says:

    I am pretty sure I …
    I am pretty sure I would poo my pants if I won.

  11. MrVernen says:

    what was the link …
    what was the link to your live stream?

  12. Krvaak says:

    wow this is great, …
    wow this is great, i love this whole community!

  13. Haggismckilt says:

    I think this is an …
    I think this is an awesome idea! if i could donate i so would…JAWABALLS! lol

  14. The40kMarine says:

    I would donate, …
    I would donate, but i don’t have a job. I’ll wait till im older =P

  15. moneydude49 says:

    Yo message me …
    Yo message me about banner prices I Wana caose spacearine banner so PM me Ty

  16. Anthony Chetto says:

    Jawa you coouldn’t …
    Jawa you coouldn’t have done storm wardens earlier when i when’t blood angels i would love to use them as space wolves ps. wish you were my art teacher i could talk to you about warhammer all day lol

  17. Anthony Chetto says:

    doctors without …
    doctors without boardeds its a very good company

  18. Warpetrie says:

    whats the charity …
    whats the charity for?

  19. Horacio Saucedo says:

    Sweet, I’ll like to …
    Sweet, I’ll like to participate. 

  20. AristotlePhysics says:

    that’s amazing.
    that’s amazing.

  21. Vampified says:

    Great Idea, but …
    Great Idea, but next time you should do – Highest Donation wins :) would bag alot more money!

    anyway I put in a $, would of put in more but my paypal balance was 0.71 GBP lol

  22. causer9 says:

    how do you win
    how do you win

  23. jawaballs says:

    Doctors without …
    Doctors without borders, go check my blog for more details!

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