Warhammer 40K Army List Building

0 Warhammer 40K Army List Building

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  1. Devoyify says:

    6th killed mech …
    6th killed mech armies as well. While they are still viable, they will always get overrun by flyer/infantry spam.

  2. newgamer85 says:

    dreds are dead …
    dreds are dead specialy in hand to hand imo 6th killed them

  3. Elijah Gibson says:

    Tau get the next …
    Tau get the next codex, GW announced

  4. coolsskin says:

    Nice Vid man!
    I …

    Nice Vid man!

    keep’m comming!!!

  5. Spoonfunk says:

    genestealers and …
    genestealers and lictors…..destruction of my enemies will be forthcoming

  6. kikumiku7 says:

    great chapter!
    great chapter!

  7. bobby lynch says:

    Ive been playing …
    Ive been playing templars for a while now, in 5th my raiders and LC termies would destroy most of my opponents, but now ive run into alot of problems in 6th.

  8. cwoyce says:

    …buttt you can …
    …buttt you can take a stormraven :)

  9. Mogos Bogdan says:

    Hey Fritz…I need …
    Hey Fritz…I need a link or something to your passive – active player guide…because i can;t find it. I am playing since 4 th a Pure GK army( except inquisitors…which are T3 and I think I am them :D )- but i give em they are GK.
    So my pure GK army it;s made up only from models that I like but I am trying to play very good with em ( I am in Team Romania for ETC 2013) so I would need your video-being interested not in a good list( because I got one that i like) but in good tactics.10x

  10. Sar vak says:

    Love that you said …
    Love that you said “Make it SO” :)

  11. Blackhound61 says:

    Even fantasy …
    Even fantasy players have played Space Marines :( Oh GW

  12. Matt Holstein says:

    lol I laughed at …
    lol I laughed at your painting cultists. Im currently painting up 105 of them to go along with Typhus as allies in my Chaos army. Oh silly Chaos IG troops

  13. samuella owens says:

    I’m doing the same …
    I’m doing the same with my eldar as you are with templars

  14. MrFiremagnet says:

    Fritz, what do you …
    Fritz, what do you think about BT Storm Raven? No we can.

  15. atari67 says:

    Sadly, I had to …
    Sadly, I had to sell off my Black Templar’s army. Just couldn’t justify buying a new Dark Angel’s army when I had 4000 points of an army I never play.

  16. Filleefl0w says:

    Great vid Fritz!
    Great vid Fritz!

  17. Fritz 40K says:

    Yes! How did I …
    Yes! How did I forget Grey Knights!

  18. johnkerry7 says:

    thank you very much …
    thank you very much. I am so sick of “the internet” trying to tell me what can and cant/should and shouldnt be used. I will take the models I like and THEN figure out how best to use them. Plus I played templars up until 6th as well. got distracted with fantasy but am now back with 6th, albeit with Eldar :D

  19. landofmert says:

    I think i need a …
    I think i need a Landraider for my Chaos Terminators. Ugh

  20. mam2087 says:

    Fear not WarMaster …
    Fear not WarMaster … I feel we are up for a new codex. 1) Looking at the releases it’s been: Imerium then zenos. With Chaos Daemons we’re due for an Imperium book. 2) It’s the last oldest Imperium book out there and 3) StormRavens for BT were mentioned in Death from the Skies book. Why put that there if not for an imminate codex release?

  21. zakcarnage says:

    Ii also name my …
    Ii also name my grey knight models, but I kind of ran out so I’m gettin my viewers to suggest new names for my Brothers

  22. ThePowerLPer says:


    thanks for …

    thanks for the reply

  23. ENLIL2000 says:

    I model all mine …
    I model all mine with their heads INSIDE those expensive tanks too.

  24. Fritz 40K says:

    Yes, one of the …
    Yes, one of the why GW changes in 6th for ‘Templars- also why Im waiting on the army for a codex update- we really need a direction to take the army in.

  25. Fritz 40K says:

    Keep in mind Ive …
    Keep in mind Ive been playing for some time, and over that time have built up my armies very slowly so what seems like a ton is quite reasonable- Eldar: Saim-Hann, Harlequins, Ice Themed, Black Templars, Hawk Lords, Imperial Guard- Mordian, Cadian, Death Guard, Tyranids, and Necrons

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